Friday, July 6, 2018

FINANCIAL FRIDAY: 2nd Quarter Close

Happy Friday!  I pray you are having a fabulous week!  Can you believe we are halfway through 2018 and less than 6 months away from Christmas? Not to mention a break away from another new year! Yes, wow! God is good! This is the time of the year most people lose sight of their financial goals and dreams. I think it could be due to the excitement of summer vacations, shopping fever, or an ungratified desire to just spend.

Great news! It's not too late,! Well it's never too late, but it definitely takes commitment and a sense of urgency to get back on target. Therefore if you're on target for hitting your 2018 financial goals then awesome! I encourage you to keep doing it  and I can't wait to see where you end up at the end of 2018. However, if you are not on track then this post will give you a fresh and fast start to achieving financial success.

First, I encourage you to eliminate comparison from your life. I know it is simple yet this world does not make it easy to eliminate it. Sometimes  you don't know that you are comparing yourself or journey to others. Maybe you're just thinking that you're looking. ...but if you're spending time looking at others then that means you're spending less time looking at yourself and seeking where God is trying to lead you. The Bible says ," do your own work well and then you will have something to be proud of. But don't compare yourself to others."  Basically comparing only robs you of the joy you are promised everyday. Focus on your journey and with faith you will be ok!

Next, live within your means. That sums up to being wise with your money and most importantly money choices. Remember, everyone has a different standard of living. Whatever level you're at just trust that you have enough and just use what you have as wisely as possible.  Even if what you have does not seem like a lot. The bible says, " unless you are faithful with smaller things you wont be faithful with larger ones." This is also why I just mentioned not comparing. When you compare it will lead you to compete. We all know competition can be expensive:)

I won't spend much time on this next step because I have written several posts about it. However, it is equally important to mention. Have a budget or spending plan that you are committed to daily. The key is to track your progress, make adjustments along the way, and remember every little step leads to something big!

 Last, just be grateful. I also wrote about the tool of gratitude early this week. It's just amazing how having an everlasting attitude of gratitude changes the course of your day. The universe, in a supreme way, starts to reveal how to use what you have to get what you truly desire. I guess you can say it is the point where preparation meets opportunity for success.

Remember, it does not matter how you start but you must have desire and discipline to finish strong. ...along with faith and good work ethics! Thank you for reading and your support. Let's make this an incredible third quarter and I'll see you at the finish line. Have a blessed weekend!

Dress: Vince Camuto


  1. That's a beautiful dress on you! :)

    Such good points too, it's crazy how fast this year has gone and to think that we are more than halfway through it already, eep!

    Hope that you're having a wonderful weekend :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Yes, time really does fly:) Thank you and have a great week

  2. You look amazing!! I love these photos! Great styling as always Tiff!
    Happy weekend! :=)
    Much love, Len

  3. I can’t believe we’re less than six months away from Christmas. Time sure does fly by! You look amazing in this post. Have a great week !

    Lesley Kim

    1. Yes I can't believe it Les. That is why we must find joy in every day!

  4. Ohhh, I needed this! 2018 has been a difficult one finance-wise. Thanks for the encouragement!!! And how are we only 6 months away from Christmas?????

    Black Coffee Beautiful

    1. Laura, it will definitely get better! Stay encouraged and I'm praying for you!

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