Saturday, August 11, 2018


Happy new day! I pray you are having an amazing week! My top fashion items are heels. I wear heels almost everywhere except for the beach and when I work out. Well, like anything that you invest time and resources into there must be checks and balances. If not, it can lead to a situation that is out of control.  My shoe collection has been getting so big that I was adding more shelving into my closet. After realizing I was wearing more than I could possibly enjoy I decided to take a minimalist approach. Basically the same approach I apply to my clothing which is to not be wasteful with the things I am blessed with. This all led to a few shoe rules:

1) If I am not  grabbing to wear it consistently then I remove it from my closet. I know we live in a world that says more equals more. However, I do believe you can have more with less and still be best dressed:)

2) I only purchase a shoe if it will compliment my current wardrobe. There is no room for impulse buying with this rule. It requires that I put careful thought and time into what shoes I add to my collection.  ..and no more purchasing shoes for a future special occasion. Why? Glad you asked:) Everyday is a special occasion for me even going to the grocery store with my fancy heels!

3) I properly store and care for my shoes. This rule is so imperative to extending the life of my shoes. I always research how to care for my shoes before wearing and after.  Anything out of my control I entrust a skilled cobbler to handle. I have found it has been helpful to resole before I even start wearing my more expensive heels. This process in the long term saves me money and time.

This journey is a work in process and I am pretty sure I will incorporate other rules. I am just grateful I realized I needed to make a change before my space became cluttered. I am sticking to what I said at the beginning 2018., "a clutteted space creates a cluttered thought life." Once clutter goes out clarity has space to move in. We all know having a clear and concise thoughtlife is everything!

As always, thank you for your love and support! Have a blessed day!

Shoes: Gianvito Rossi heels....sold Here
Bag: Furla metropolis satchel....sold Here


  1. These are good rules to have! :) I definitely used to have a heel collection that was out of control - a knee injury quickly changed that, and having to buy flats meant I started off with and still have a pretty basic collection. I miss my heels sometimes, and admire people like you that wear them well.

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend! I spent some time shopping yesterday which was lovely :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. I have been looking at different flats that are comfy. I hope you had a blast shopping and I can't wait to see you style what you got! Enjoy your day pretty lady!

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