Tuesday, September 4, 2018

$500 challenge update..

Happy Tuesday! I pray you are having a great week! I wanted to do a quick update on ways to save money for the $500 challenge. If you are new to "dash of fash and finance" then here is the link to the post Here that explains how I started the challenge almost 2 years ago.  Remember it is best to have a separate account for this challenge so you can keep track of it and not risk commingling it with other savings accounts you have. The money from this challenge can go anywhere like towards you retirement, vacation or paying down debt. The overall purpose is to inspire and let dash of fash and finance followers know that you do have enough to reach your financial goals and dreams. You just have to get creative about working towards it. 

Well, I want to share a  few ways I am currently earning cash outside of my business income. Each time I save up $500 I am applying it to this $500 challenge account. 

Focus on buying quality items! This saves me so much money and time. I no longer have to repeatedly replace items that do no last. For example, the skirt I wore on yesterdays blog post Here was a quality item. This item is versatile and will last for a very long time without having to replace it, as long as I continue to take proper care of it. Now, this same process of buying quality items relates to other purchases like home, etc.

Selling items I am no longer using. This is awesome for the environment if you are into that. I sold an old washer and dryer, furniture and some clothing I no longer wanted. Again, since these items were quality purchases and I try to take care of things I am blessed with then I was able to sell them for a reasonable price. 

It always surprises me when I receive an unexpected check. Well, since I never knew it was coming and I didn't need it then it was saved in the $500 challenge account.

Oh, the picture from above is how I styled my white skirt for summer. Instead of going out and purchasing white pants, shorts, etc this summer.  You know, the excuse we can give ourselves to buy more..haha:) I just used the white item I already had in my closet. I used this white skirt as a summer staple piece all summer long and it saved me tons of money. I actually got creative with how I will wear it in the autumn season:)

I know I said this would be quick so I will wrap up. I am so excited to share more and I encourage you to join in!  As always thank you for reading and have a blessed day!


  1. It's a beautiful skirt and I agree - I think investing in pieces and taking care of them really pays off as you don't feel the need to go buy new ones! I really like the 30 wears challenge I do as it makes me enjoy and use the clothes I already own :)

    Great news you were able to sell some things and put it towards your goals too!

    I hope that you are having a nice start to your week so far! It's a little colder here after a warm weekend but the rain is welcome :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. Hi Mica, I agree and your 30 wears has been so inspiring! Yes, I was pleasantly surprised how quickly the items sold. Now, I have a little more room in the garage:) Thank you and I pray all is well. We could use some cooler weather here but no complaints right:)

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