Saturday, September 8, 2018


Happy Saturday! Have you ever received any extra or unexpected money and immediately spent it..then you could not recall what you even spent it on. Well that is due most often to not preparing in advance financially. If you are tracking your finances daily then you become more aware of how to delegate your money. This awareness is a critical process to preparing for an unforeseen money crisis or unexpected extra cash flow.  Basically, when you track your finances and extra money arrives you will immediately know what to do and how to do it.

Therefore, I want to list some options for what to do with extra money so you can start planning in advance.

You can pay down debt. The  average credit card debt, student loan debt, and debt overall is rising. The lack of income and shortage of emergency funds is causing people to resort to borrowing money.  When you borrow money you must pay it back along with interest. The interest can be very high which will prolong the time it takes to pay the entire debt off.  There is also a possibility that your credit score will be affected as well.   Not only can debt affect you financially but it can affect you mentally.   It can be so draining to the point that it causes some people to get depressed or stressed out leading to severe health issues.  It's very difficult to make the right financial choices when your health is not in the best condition. Therefore if you plan in advance how you can pay down the debt then when the extra arrives you will immediately see the benefit in doing it.

You can save for that dream home. If you are a homeowner then pay additional on the mortgage. This could save you years and a lot of interest.  If you are saving interest then you're definitely saving money. Ownership is a powerful wealth building tool.  At the end of every hard work should be  the reward of ownership. 

 You can start an emergency fund.  You can determine how much goes into this fund by adding all your monthly expenses.  That amount multiplied by 3 will equal 3 months of expenses;therefore, you can start saving towards that amount. However in an unstable  economy  you may want to save 6  to 12 months or even more. 

You can start your retirement.  If you want to retire you have to plan for it and most importantly save towards it.  The lack of savings and increase in inflation is causing people to  continue working way past the time frame of when they should be retired.  There is a point where working should be an option not a need;  however, lack of planning forfeits this option There are things that must be in place first  before starting any retirement so seek professional advice then you can begin your journey to saving towards financial freedom!

Last option is to enjoy it.  Your idea of enjoying it may be blessing someone is always better to give than receive!  You may decide to splurge on an item you wanted for quite some time.  ...either way if you have prepared in advance financially then you'll be confident in whatever choice that you make when spending your extra unexpected money.

 Thank you so much for reading. I have been apart of creating financial services awareness and solutions for my clients for over 15 years. Therefore, I know a lot of people would rather avoid talking about it and subjecting themselves to judgment from others. Remember, only God alone has the power to judge and he is always there to help. However, you have to use what he has blessed you with to help yourself and move forward. Therefore, starting the conversation is the only way to start the journey towards financial freedom and consistent daily habits is the way to complete the journey. Feel free to comment or reach out for questions.  Have a blessed weekend and I will see you next week!

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  1. These are great pointers! :) We sometimes get a bonus at work and I'm trying to be better at striking the balance the past few times between rewarding myself with a little treat (let's be honest, usually a bag!) and saving up for our dream house :)

    I hope that you are having a lovely weekend :) Has been a quiet one here so far with the rain.

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Lol...I totally understand:) I just wrote about our handbag love yesterday..haha:).Pray you are having a great weekend:)

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