Friday, September 7, 2018


Happy Friday!!! Yes, I am in my workout The buzz is women are taking their expensive handbags to the gym. Now, I only go to the gym during the summer months, and the majority of the year I workout in my home gym. However, when I do go to the gym I take this large Kate Spade tote. It is very spacious and the color is perfect for the summer.

Of course, this bag is not as expensive as the birkin bags some women are carrying to the gym. However, $200 is a lot for a handbag. Especially if you realize that $200/month equate to $2400 in one year, $12,000 in 5 years and with a good rate of return has the possibility to grow to $100k plus in 10 years.

Ok back to the subject at hand. I totally agree with women carrying their expensive or quality bags to the  gym. Here's why...

1) Unless you collect bags just as a hobby they are meant to be worn and most importantly enjoyed wherever you go.

2) I work out a lot and honestly some mornings can be tough. I have to override my emotions to stay  in bed with my commitment to good daily habits. Therefore, if carrying a cute bag makes a women feel more motivated to workout then that is an awesome thing. ...because health is wealth!!

3) I carry my changing clothes, water, and tons of other items in my gym handbag. When I would leave the gym this summer I would head to the supermarket or to a meeting. Therefore having a cute bag that transitions from the gym to the next destination is very important. It saves time not having to change from one bag to another. As we know, time is one of God's greatest gifts:). Most importantly how we honor God with that time is key!

Well , I appreciate you stopping by and if you are headed to the gym then grab your best handbag and confidently workout to become the best you. Remember, the greatest change starts inside out.

 Have a great weekend filled with blessings and love!