Monday, September 17, 2018


Happy Monday! It is time to make some Monday moves and be fearless in the process. Remember, if you feel the fear then with God you can still persevere!  In a world with tons of fear you can get lost without a clear plan and purpose for your life.

 The word of God says, "he has not given us a spirit of fear." I believe that with everything in me. That does not mean we will not face fearful situations but the solution will always point to God. He will always provide and direct your path if you believe.

The enemy desires God's people to be fearful. The enemy will try as many avenues as possible to get access into your life. Remember any unguarded part of your life is an entry way for the enemy.  The only way to overcome this and to guard your life is to rely on God's promises and speak those promises while believing it. God commanded one of his greatest leaders  Joshua to keep his law  day and night on his lips and to meditate on it. This is the only way to keep your heart and mind guarded from negativity and fear. Well, that truth still applies even today!

Last, ask yourself what are you fearing exactly and is that fear stronger than God. As believers, we serve a God that can take the most unfortunate situations and turn them around for good. Therefore, instead of entertaining fear we always have an option to live fully in faith. Is this easy? ..of course not but the reward of living a fruitful life makes it all worth it.

I pray that you have a fearless, faithful and blessed new week!

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  1. Faith is so important! Love this look on you.

  2. I found this such an relevant post as we were just learning in church on the weekend about using God's truth to address the fears and lies in our lives - to meditate on and declare God's truth and goodness every day! :)

    (Love the blazer and jeans outfit combo too!)

    Hope you're having a good week :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

    1. Amen! That is exactly how we overcome with God's truth. Thank you for sharing sweet friend!

  3. You look amazing in all of these photos. That red dress is absolutely stunning

    Lesley Kim