Monday, October 15, 2018


Happy Monday and happy new week! One of the biggest setbacks for most people are their thoughts. Our lives tend to move in the direction of our most dominant thoughts. We all experience negative situations at some point in our lives; however only positive thoughts can bring about positive solutions.

The reason I am so protective over my thoughts is because that is how negativity gains access to your life. You have to develop a barrier to negativity and that is called mental toughness. There are a few ways I protect my thoughts. I invest time daily into becoming better in the inside. It maybe a few minutes reading, praying or when I'm exercising I spend time listening to a positive motivating messages. I also write in my journal because that is my safe place to build my positive thoughts. I even carry around a mini journal so when I have free time throughout the day I can write down encouraging thoughts.  Whatever it is I'm obsessed with a good heart and healthy thoughts. The key to all of this is not only to learn it but to live it out in a positive way.

I constantly throughout the day literally stop and ask myself... "what are you thinking" If I discover that my current thoughts are not in line with where I want to go in life and the person I desire to be then I instantly replace that thought. This process keeps my most positive thoughts close to me and tells negativity there is no space available. Remember you have to inspect what you expect to happen in your life.

I pray this day is a blessed day for you !Thank you for stopping by!

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Monday, October 8, 2018


I hope everyone is having an awesome month so far! My goal is to share the extended version of today's message very soon in English and Spanish to a wide audience of people. However, today I will only focus on few key points. I developed a new friendship yesterday and our conversation was based on "changes for the overall good." I really get inspired when God connects  me with people I can I have deep thought provoking conversations with.

As we are entering the last quarter of 2018, this is such a great month to reflect on the past but most importantly prepare for the changes of the future. If you have not crossed off everything on your 2018 list then remember that allowing yourself to remain in the past will always cause worry. The only thing that reduces that stress is focusing on what you can do now in the present. Therefore a few tips on changes that can be implemented NOW:

1) Self develop today! That just means mediate on the good things, read things to build your confidence and faith, or listen to faith building messages. The key focus is to become the BEST YOU today...tomorrow will be too late!

2) Write down what needs to be done now! Have you ever gone to the store and said "I forgot what I came to get!" Well that's how quickly your commitments get lost when you do not write them down somewhere on paper, cell phone, I pad, or a of those will work:) Remember VISUALIZATION  brings things to REALIZATION

3) Take ACTION! Taking action does not mean that you will not experience failure along the way or see immediate positive just means you're taking the necessary steps towards making things happen along with a vision for your life and the faith to fulfill it!

I pray this will help someone to find COURAGE & TO NOT BE AFRAID about your journey today in pursuit of a better tomorrow.

Have a blessed new week!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018


I have never revised a blog post unless I noticed a weird grammer error. However, today I am led to add one last inperative step to accountability.

 I pray you are having a wonderful week! Today I spoke to a small group about individual accountability. Most times it is easier to judge the actions of others than to look deep within ourselves. Once you look within it forces you to change especially if you do not like what you see. This process of changing is never easy but it is essential in order to live your best life. Well, how does it look when you are changing and holding yourself accountable?

You start using the word "I". Once you have reached a level of accountability you stop blaming and start accepting the choices you made. You get to a  point of understanding that your choices are learning lessons that you will be able to apply going forward in your life. A lesson learned is not a failure to me it is actually a valuable win.

You use your time wisely to get better. When you spend so much time avoiding accountability then you spend less time working on getting better. In order to get better it requires a daily focus. Therefore seek ways you can get better through prayer, reading and meditation. If you are not getting better than you are growing bitter towards people and things around you.

You accept your uniqueness. Accountability requires that you get in tune with your heart, thoughts and actions. Only then will you realize that you were created to be special. That uniqueness may not fit perfectly in this world. Honestly, it will not fit:) However, your uniqueness and positive inspiration is exactly what this world needs.

Never ever give up. When God has planted a vision in your heart you have to give it time to harvest. In that process, you may experience a lot of worry, pain and confusion. ...and emotions of giving up on what makes you unique. However, give all of these things to God because you can not control them. Only then, can you focus with clarity and less worry on making the vision a reality. Remember, accountability comes from overriding undeserving emotions with a commitment to living out positive daily actions. Someone is waiting on the other side of your completed vision to become inspired to achieve more. never give up!

Remember, God didn't use perfect people. He used imperfect people that were willing to be held accountable and willing to make a heart change.

Thank you so much for reading and have a blessed day!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2018


Happy Tuesday! Long before starting this hobby of blogging, I have always collected heels. A statement heel has always been apart of my personal style philosophy. The construction of heels fasinates me even more. I took this photo months ago while getting dress before volunteering. All the little children kept saying they liked my shoes that day. I guess it was the sparkly stuff on the shoes:) 

 The fact that I have taken a more minimalist approach with my clothing has given me more space to display my shoe collection. Now, over half of my closet is filled with shoes. My love for shoes inspired me to start focusing on things I love more than spending which is saving and  giving. It feels so much better to give than to receive. That is what I love about blogging. I can share what experience and knowledge God has blessed me with in order to help others. It allows me to give without any expectations in return.

There are so many people in need of the things I often value too lightly . Therefore, through prayer and actively seeking I have been blessed with opportunities to give. I am particularly excited about the program I connected with that provides children in school with shoes. Sadly lack of shoes are preventing children from learning but I am grateful that awareness is being created. 

 God says to not only give but be a cheerful giver. Now that takes daily heart work !

As always thank you for reading and have a blessed week!