Monday, October 15, 2018


Happy Monday and happy new week! One of the biggest setbacks for most people are their thoughts. Our lives tend to move in the direction of our most dominant thoughts. We all experience negative situations at some point in our lives; however only positive thoughts can bring about positive solutions.

The reason I am so protective over my thoughts is because that is how negativity gains access to your life. You have to develop a barrier to negativity and that is called mental toughness. There are a few ways I protect my thoughts. I invest time daily into becoming better in the inside. It maybe a few minutes reading, praying or when I'm exercising I spend time listening to a positive motivating messages. I also write in my journal because that is my safe place to build my positive thoughts. I even carry around a mini journal so when I have free time throughout the day I can write down encouraging thoughts.  Whatever it is I'm obsessed with a good heart and healthy thoughts. The key to all of this is not only to learn it but to live it out in a positive way.

I constantly throughout the day literally stop and ask myself... "what are you thinking" If I discover that my current thoughts are not in line with where I want to go in life and the person I desire to be then I instantly replace that thought. This process keeps my most positive thoughts close to me and tells negativity there is no space available. Remember you have to inspect what you expect to happen in your life.

I pray this day is a blessed day for you !Thank you for stopping by!

Dress: Vince camuto
Blazer: Antonio Melani
Glasses: Versace


  1. I love your outfit :) These are good tips too! We had a message series at church recently about the power of the mind and it was so interesting - we can retrain the brain and change the way we think if we put effort into it. Journaling and prayer are some great ideas.

    Hope that you had a lovely weekend! So rainy here, we spent all the time indoors.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  2. That's amazing that you manage keep the negativity away from your thoughts, and loved the idea of having a journal for your thoughts. Happy Monday Toff, you look absoluetly amazing in this outfit. xx

    Nina's Style Blog

  3. Definitely easy said than done, but I do try to practise it.

  4. Hi Tiff!

    you look amazing! I took a little break from blogging, and now I’m back! Great post. 🤗

    Lesley Kim

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