Sunday, March 10, 2019


Happy new week! We are closing in on the first quarter of 2019! I am so super excited because I use quarter endings to review my goals. Mainly because you can not expect what you do not inspect in life. Right?? However, this is the time when distractions will try to come in and attack your thought life. My solution is to always find a way to distract my distractions..haha:) Well, that takes being aware of the biggest distractions we face then overriding it with incredible focus and unwavering faith!

Time Time is one of our greatest gifts God has given us. ...but our thoughts will try to distract us with memories of the time we have lost. Well I have found it is more productive to focus on time you have left in life when trying to reach goals and dreams:)

Past Our past is another distraction because it will hold you hostage and lock you out of your future. I found It is too stressful to live in the past and equally stressful worrying about the future. The only moment that matters is now! ...and how focused and determined we show up in this present moment! I look in the past for the life lessons but direct all my energy presently for God's blessings!

Age Most times people feel they are too young or too old to fulfill their purpose in life. Well, you are never too old to learn and never too young to teach. Most importantly  God overrides age with the faith of a person. Therefore, never let your faith grow tired because it ages and distracts you from fulfilling your purpose in life.

Words  God said our words can bring life or death. This is a beautiful reminder to keep our thoughts and words obedient to what is good. The bible is the greatest example of how words can transform if you believe and commit to succeed. I choose to override negative thoughts with positive ones because ultimately it affects what flows from the mouth. Keep speaking greatness into existence!

Money!  Last but definitely not least is the fact that money can distract if you allow it. I have a passion for teaching about the flow of money because it can distract people from living out what God has placed in them. God says when you are faithful in the smaller matters then it determines if you will be faithful in the larger ones. Therefore, place value on how you handle your finances whether big or small. ...especially since we trade our precious gift of time for it. Remember God sometimes gives the vision before the provision that is why every committment needs focus and faith!

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As always,thank you for your support and have a blessed rest of the week!



  1. This is a great motivational post sis. Thanks so much for the uplift.

  2. Hello,

    Beautiful !


  3. These are great tips, and what a beautiful outfit on you! I hope you achieve all the goals you have set out to :)

    Hope your week is going well :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. Thanks Mica! Yes, I pray I will honor God in the process

  4. Huge yessssses to all of this!!! I think I've felt all of this at one time or another very recently so it was so nice to read and be reminded of God's promises:) Love your outfit too;)

    Black Coffee

    1. Laura I agree! We all need those daily reminders. Thank you

  5. You look so polished....

  6. I have so many distractions... thanks for these tips Tiff! You are always so positive!

    Lesley Kim

    1. We just have to manage it one step at a time. ...and enjoy the moment:) Thanks Les:(